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Benefits of a Monolithic Dome and How to Choose a Dome Builder

A monolithic dome is a structure constructed in a one-piece form. Such a form may be temporary or permanent, and a builder may or may not make it part of the final structure. Monolithic domes is a more common type of monolithic architecture.


The monolithic dome has many several properties that make it an increasingly popular choice in construction. For starters, domes are incredibly strong and durable. Typical buildings last decades, while monolithic domes can remain for centuries. Because such structures are resistant to water, wind and fire, they are practically indestructible even in the face of fires, hurricanes and other calamities.

Energy Efficiency

The monolithic dome is not just disaster-proof, but notably efficient too. Needing no interior support, it welcomes an entire variety of floor plan designs, allowing you to enjoy the building’s wide open space. And because of the structure’s noteworthy tightness, large amounts of energy can be conserved. In a typical home, the amount of airflow is equivalent to keeping a door open at all times.

In contrast, the monolithic dome has such perfect insulation that the amount of airflow only equals the size of two pens. For instance, for a two-bedroom monolithic dome home, energy costs can be no greater than $500. A monolithic dome structure in an 8,000-feet property can have average natural gas heating costs of around $80 per month. To heat a similarly sized conventional building, costs could go no lower than $1,200 Heating a typical building of about the same size would amount to no less than $1,200 Heating a conventional building of similar size can cost a minimum of $1,200.

Minimal Maintenance

Maintaining a dome is also considerably easier than maintaining a typical building. There is no need for roof repairs, termite control and other things that plague ordinary structures No worries regarding roof repairs or replacement, termite infestation and other problems ordinary structures usually come with.

Monolithic Dome Construction Costs

In most cases, unique and excellent-quality products and services cost more but last longer too for those planning on a dome home or commercial facility. When you talk about monolithic domes, there is no need for compromises just to keep the budget low. Choose a builder that provides the best value per square-foot and square-ton. Then again, the initial savings you enjoy with the construction in progress is just a teaser to the even larger savings that await you, what with the lower maintenance and utility costs of dome ownership!

If you’re planning on building a monolithic dome as your home or commercial facility, start by finding yourself the right builder. Undeniably, the position demands beyond basic knowledge and skills, so you’ll need not just a licensed and certified contractor, but also one that is experienced and established in the industry. Technical mastery is a top concern, along with proven reliability. The key is to consider at least two builders available to you and make comparisons.

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